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WolffHauSa, pronounced "Wolff ha-U·sa," Collectibles introduces the first collection.  Each year we will present a holiday (commerical) line and historical line that reflects African American culture in history, holiday traditions, and special events. This 2021 collection is truly unique. We have two lines featuring two outstanding items:

  • The first line is “The Faces of Harriet.”  The famed abolitionist is depicted as you’ve never seen her before: first as a child, next as  a young woman, and then as a senior. She’s available on our website as a throw pillow, on a teapot, and in greeting and collectible cards. This line can be sold year-round, during African American history month, Kwanzaa, women’s history month, and anytime issues of slavery and abolition are discussed.


  • Our other offering for 2021 is Mr. Claus. We’ve designed a Santa that we think everyone will love. He has dad’s eyes, grandpa’s nose, and great granddad’s whiskers and beard. He’s jolly, handsome, and just the guy we want gracing our throw pillows, aprons and tea pots. He’s offered in all the aforementioned formats in addition to our new Mr. Claus party pack which is complete with paper plates, and postcard invitations to that special event over the holidays.

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