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About Us

WolffHauSa, pronounced "Wolff ha-U-sa," Collectibles is a new Detroit based company founded by Dr. Garen Wolff and her mom, Mrs. JoAnne Wolff. Garen is a board certified Internal Medicine physician and JoAnne is a retired business owner of a reading and math franchise. Garen’s love for African American Christmas and Kwanzaa collectibles grew out of her mother’s collection and the thrill she got as a child helping her find new additions.  “When my brother and I were younger, we would go to various stores seeking Black angels, Santa figurines, and tins.  My mom has an eclectic collection of African American Christmas items from cookie plates to placemats.  WolffHauSa is a continuation of that.” The company name derives from the family surname, 'Wolff,' and the Hausa tribe in Africa, reflecting the hybrid of cultures and African American origin. The Hausa tribe was chosen  due to their interesting history and culture.

Each year WolffHausa Collectibles will present a holiday (commercial) line and historical line that reflects African American culture in history, holiday traditions, and special events. Our 2021 collection features two outstanding lines--"Faces of Harriet" and "Mr. Claus."

WolffHauSa Collectibles are affordably priced. For more information about the Faces of Harriet and Santa 2021  collections, which include tea pots, pillow covers, greeting cards, and paper plates, email or subscribe below.

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