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The Tea with Harriet Teapot provides a time to reflect, discuss and celebrate Harriet Tubman's contribution to American history.  As a free woman, Harriet Tubman was known to wear fine clothes and serve tea with matching teacups to her guests.The white porcelain is elegantly decorated with our three signature images of Harriet. Perfect for fresh-cut flowers 💐 too! Tea cups in picture are not included.


*Watermark placed on product images for trademark purposes only. Actual product will not have watermark.  Tea cups in picture are not included.


*Pre-Order Item Only: Once ordered, delivery will be within 2 wks of ordered date.

Tea with Harriet

  • Young image is a child, age 10-years-old. Her given name upon birth was Araminta Ross. She was called, “Minty” by parents Benjamin and Harriet "Ritt" Green Ross.


    The middle image is a young woman between 30-40 years old. After Harriet escaped slavery, she often spoke at abolitionist meetings, poised and confident. Our unique signature on this portrait is the black cameo brooch and North Star belt.


    The senior image represents Harriet when she opened the, 'Tubman Home for Aged and Indigent Negroes.'

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